andante down the lazy river

Well, it is summer. And it’s been more weeks than I like since I posted. No good reason. Oh yeah–there were the various tasks and projects I mentioned in my last post. We refinanced Dad’s house, moved his IRA, and will have new windows in the house in a couple of weeks. I’ve written some music (surprise!) and will be posting about a couple of new pieces soon.

I’ve also started a project I’ve been resisting, because it means focusing on something besides writing new music. With Jeremy’s able assistance, I’m starting a major revision of my website. I’m working on a master list of all my compositions (well, those worth seeing the light of day!) with accompanying information pages, and score and audio excerpts. I’ve been resisting for months, but finally gave in. If you want to check out the work in progress, click here.

By the time I’m done, I hope to have all my scores and recordings on a couple of DVDs, as well as a pretty full website. I’m also going to make sure that full scores and information get posted on the American Music Center’s New Music Jukebox.

The rest of the month should be full

  • I’m starting a Christmas cantata for satb chorus, string quartet, and handbells.
  • I’ve developed the concept for a children’s musical for church. The book will need much work before I can actually put in music.
  • I just set my current church’s mission statement to music; it’s upbeat and about as pop contemporary as I get these days. I look forward to putting it to work.
  • Developed a second sequence on Nicea (“Holy, Holy, Holy”). It’ll be the prelude this Sunday.
  • On the non-musical front, there’s a lot of cleanup, both at Dad’s house and ours, particularly if we decide to move back to our place while the windows are put in

A little golf, work around the Yarn Boutique, nagging Dad to get some exercise rather than just sitting around the house all day (and coincidentally reminding Marianne and me to do the same!), and other important family and friends things fill up my dance card.

Summertime in California (as long as the wildfires keep their distance) is delightful music to my ears…

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