Duration: 6’20”
Description: I had the intention of writing a series of Lenten preludes, but with Lent starting so early in 2005, I got derailed with preparations for Easter (there’s always next year!). Beginnings was the first in this as yet virtual series. As the Ash Wednesday service was being planned, it appeared as though this piece would be perfect.


The piece starts with a somewhat free-form intro. The last half of the minute-long intro features a pedal solo; this material reappears to conclude the piece. The bulk of the piece is built around a slow-motion chord progression over a pedal solo. This section begins softly and, over the next 4-1/2 minutes gradually becomes louder. Following the climax the piece returns to the material from the end of the intro and ends peacefully.

At our service, we had percussionists playing a rain stick and a set of untuned chimes. We added these instruments to the main section of this piece. They were a great addition, providing a dramatic element I hadn’t planned on! Requires strong pedal chops.

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