rubato to the max

So I’ve been away a while. Actually, I’ve been ignoring my blog, my webpage, and have generally been preoccupied with real as opposed to virtual life. I’m hoping that I might be back (I’ll know if I keep these entries going for a few weeks..).

Things have changed. I’m no longer the Music Director at John Knox Presbyterian Church in Dublin CA (a great group of people), but have been Minister of Music at St. Stephen’s Episcopl Church in Orinda CA since mid-November 2007. It’s been an exciting change, with different and increased responsibilities–about which I’ll have more to say on another post.

The San Francisco Lyric Chorus keeps challenging me, with concerts upcoming in another month. They are singing the west coast premiere of my It Will Be Summer–Eventually, a setting of poems of Emily Dickinson approaching its 20th anniversary.

I’m taking handbell lessons with Michele Sharik, with the intent of developing some ability to play solo handbell music (actually, I’d just like to know the instrument better, and I learn better when I have a goal).

I’ll add more soon–probably after Holy Week services, which pick up a full head of steam tomorrow (Thursday, and keep on coming until Sunday noon.

And that’s music to my ears.

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