poco a poco

Little by little things get done. Another day and the formerly-hidden oak floors return to their original glory. As soon as workers return from a (well-deserved for some) holiday break, we’ll be able to live in more than one bedroom and the kitchen, with an occasional sojourn in a semi-working bathroom…

On the musical front, it’s a combination of getting ready for Christmas Eve services (one morning, 3 evening) and posting a bunch of my compositions on New Music Jukebox (run by American Music Center). I’ve had some modest success selling my music; it’s time to promote better.

poco a poco: a little bit each day. But my fingers are getting itchy to write–the last composition of 2006? the first of 2007? Before I can do that, I need to burn a CD with my Christmas Eve postlude (so I can be in two places at once…).

Whether fast or slow (and moving slowly, even poco a poco on the way from one dynamic state to another, is not my natural state), it’s music to my ears.

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