Dies Irae (trans. it’s d**n hot!)

Did I say that it was hot today? As I write this at 9:45 in the evening, it is still 95 degrees F. outside. That’s hot, even for this part of California, where a little heat in the summer is a worthwhile price to pay for generally quite temperate weather.

I’m working on several posts that I hope will come to completion over the next week.

  • An index of my compositions that I have mentioned here. As part of that I hope to provide some missing but promised mp3s.
  • A fuller description of Songs of Prophecy. I’m in the process of compiling pdfs and jpegs (but before I can, I need to proofread the score; that’ll probably take as much time as the initial writing of the piece!).
  • A comparison of my use of the text with Jennens’ Messiah libretto. His work was masterful. My deconstruction and rearrangement is…I guess we’ll wait and see.

There will be more. I read through parts of a couple of Mozart 4-hand Sonatas tonight: I hope our hosts for the evening don’t have too much trouble cleaning up all the misused and abused notes we left lying around. Somewhere between Mozart and Adams…

it’s music to my ears…

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