Flutes rule!

…or maybe it’s the flautists who rule. I’m starting to get a steady trickle of interest in my music at my website www.adamsworks.com: an occasional instrumentalist here, a conductor there, but more than any other category–flautists.

Actually, I’ve always found flautists to be interested in pushing the musical envelope. My high school sweetheart played flute: just spending time with me was already taking a risk! Much of my recent flute and keyboard music was written for her niece, just to keep things in the family.

One recent visitor, Sue Agnew, played (it was actually a premiere) my Variations on a French Carol” on Easter at St. Philip’s Episcopal Church in Tucson, Arizona. Another, Dawn Grapes, will be playing Meditation on Jesus
Loves Me
and Jesus Loves Me Variations as a set on a recital at First Presbyterian Church in Fort Collins on Sunday, April 30. I’m looking forward to that, even if in absentia.

It’s nice to know that something that’s music to my ears moves others–especially those intrepid flautists–to share that music with other ears.

On a non-musical note, Dad and I return to California later today. I’ll comment more on the trip in an upcoming post. Let’s just say that I have a more intimate understanding of how a toilet works…

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