Andante Grazioso

While things have quieted a little from my last post, I’m really enjoying preparing for the upcoming WomenSing concert. There’s nothing like being able to collaborate with an ensemble that’s on top of its game, with an outstanding conductor and piano accompanist. What I’m most enjoying is that the music is challenging enough that I really need to practice every day. I know–I should practice every day anyway; I need a goal or deadline to motivate me–and I am real motivated right now!

Between preparing the organ part of my Christmas Toccata, written for the concert, and becoming more familiar with the various choral accompaniments, including Kirke Mechem’s delightful Seven Joys of Christmas (four movements of which I’m transcribing from piano to organ), I have no trouble filling a substantial practice session each day. It’s gratifying to see that I’m making some progress, as I retain at leasts some benefit from my previous day’s workout.

A challenge that is common for organists is that I don’t get much actual rehearsal time on the instruments I’ll be playing in concert. So one tries to simulate the sound and the physical setup of the concert locations so as to make the best use of the concert hall rehearsal time. The easiest part is learning the notes; the hardest thing is becoming familiar with a strange console.

And in the midst of all this, focusing on my church position with various upcoming Christmas season activities, as well as–just about as regularly as I breathe–working on a new composition.

There’s no shortage of music to my ears…

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