Allegro Molto

Things have been nicely busy, both musically and personally, over the last several weeks. I’ve written at least three pieces of music, performed in three concerts, am getting ready for another, and am about to get started on a new composition for my cousin Michael. Beyond that my church position has kept me involved, as I renew acquaintance with familiar organ works and try to regularly add new pieces to my repertoire, and as I work with two musical ensembles that present music in worship each week (and let’s not forget preparations for Christmas, which is just around the corner!).

First things first: a musician’s gotta have some fun, although not everyone would link “golf” and “fun” in the same sentence! I’m playing at Harding Park Golf Course in San Francisco in the morning. It’s a fairly challenging municipal course in a picturesque area near the Pacific coast. Recent activities mentioned in the previous paragraph include:

  • Organist in Faure Requiem performed by U.C. Berkeley University Chorus
  • Performer in San Francisco AGO (American Guild of Organists) chapter concert with my And they were filled with the Holy Spirit and Mckee Variations
  • Organ/piano accompanist of WomenSing in an interfaith concert in Walnut Creek CA
  • New compositions include an organ setting of Jesus Loves Me and two works for organ/piano duo: variations on Noel Nouvelet and Christmas Toccata (the latter to be performed on an upcoming concert of WomenSing on December 4 and 7 (I’m providing organ accompaniment on several works as well)

None of that is really sufficient excuse for ignoring my blog, so I’ll try to do better for the rest of the year. I want to look at the pieces I wrote, and offer some comments on writing for organ and piano, as well as the general matter of transcription (my Noel Nouvelet variations were originally written for flute and piano).
I’ll have more commentary soon. Be assured that it’s certainly been music to my ears…

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