Goodbye and Hello/Reflected Joy mp3s

I’m enjoying the process of getting ready for my new church position. I’ve also appreciated hearing from members of my soon to be former church (well, I’ll still be a member, so it’s not that former!). There’s sadness in leaving–things left undone, potentials not reached–even as there are joys–events that went well, friendships made and strengthened, special times shared. And there’s the anticipation of things to come, knowing that I am better for the last two years, even as I hope to share my gifts more fully.

Following up on a comment DanW made to my last post, I’m going to repost the score excerpts of Reflected Joy 2, accompanied by links to mp3s. Hey! Given that my blog is pretty new, and the only people who have commented are my daughter and son-in-law (thanks y’all; check’s in the mail…), I’m darn well going to listen to 50% of my audience! (OK–others have been by, but they’ve not left much of a footprint…)

First excerpt and accompanying mp3. I’m not pleased with the sound quality of the mp3s: a wav file was made directly from my Finale score (so the performance is not very musical, IMHO), loaded into Audacity (a very nice sound editor for the money…i.e. free). After a little processing (normalizing, adding a little room presence) clips corresponding to the score excerpts were saved. I think the files are too big. It’ll be interesting to see how they download and play. Comments, anyone?

Here’s the second excerpt: and its mp3. For something a little different, listen to the whole piece in mp3 (a little over 2 minutes).

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