Turning the Corner

I visited my daughter Delara’s blog today (link on sidebar). It’s a great way to find out what’s going on in her life. It’s interesting that her latest post deals with life changes, particularly since I’m at one of those turning-points (albeit not a major one). In my last post I spoke about needing to get started on a piece of music for my son Jeremy’s upcoming wedding. I’ve written about 30 seconds–the stuff’s ok, but probably won’t survive, at least without major changes.

I was wondering why I hadn’t written more, and I realized that I’m still dealing with leaving a church position (I’m a church musician, if you’re tuning in in mid-stream) earlier than I had planned with all of the unsettled feelings and unfinished business that goes with such an interruption. But as challenging as that all is, it represents a turning-point. Something new and exciting is coming.

I’ve interviewed for a new position. Even though the church is much smaller, the position fits me much better; it will be a good fit for everyone. I have a second interview shortly. It looks as though they’re interested in me and I in them–I’m getting excited. So even though there’s unfinished business and a sense of loss, at the same time there’s renewed energy and a sense of growth.

So it’s no wonder I haven’t done much with Jeremy and Amanda’s music. There hasn’t been a lot of extra energy left for creativity. But the nice thing about turning corners is that your energy and creativity turn the corner too. And it’s none too soon: the wedding is less than a month away! Let’s see: what can I do with

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