tempo rubato

It’s been a good week musically. Last Sunday was Pentecost; the choir sang well, with a very spirited rendition of William Dawson’s Ev’ry Time I Feel the Spirit. Monday the choir was one of two at the San Francisco AGO’s post-annual meeting concert. They were fabulous. In addition to performing works of several others, the performed my My Heart is not Lifted Up from The Needham Psalter, written in 1990. Marianne (my wife) sang the solo quite nicely, and the choir was right into the piece with her. When I get a chance I’ll add in a clip from the piece.

But there was more. I performed And they were filled with the Holy Spirit, a work for solo organ, which I wrote in 1985. The Petty-Madden organ at First Congregational Church of Berkeley was in fine form. The audience–primarily organist colleagues–was quite complementary. I was delighted to be invited to perform the work again this week at the Composers’ Forum put on by the Peninsula Chapter of the AGO (which I did this afternoon). It was fun on both these occasions to hear what fellow composers were writing–and even more fun to be able to share my work.

I’m hoping that this will get me working on promoting my music a bit more, and returning to the publication fray. This was a nice break from all the emotional fallout and ensuing work resulting from my father’s passing almost a month ago.

More on that later. In the meantime, the forum, the concert, and the church service were music to my ears.

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