Well, my life has been anything but quiet…but I’ve managed to take a five month break without even trying. In my last post (July 22) I spoke about putting together some info on Songs of Prophecy. I’ve done that, but just not taken the time to post it. Five months later, I’m in the afterglow of a pretty nice presentation of the piece two days ago.

The piece went well, and even exceeded my expectations. It was the first time I’ve written an extended work with handbells (the piece includes handbells, choir and string quartet), so it was, for me, a bit experimental. The handbell writing worked, although I tended to write the part a little thin. We ended up adding notes to fill out chords (handbells are more homophonic than linear, imho, although my linear parts fit nicely with the strings and voices).

We’re in the middle of a big house remodel (we moved in with my Dad almost 2 years ago)–roof and windows done first (last summer, just about the time I stopped writing here). Currently we’re in the midst of walls, floors, bathrooms–it’ll be great when it’s done (did I mention kitchen next?).

I’ll post the info on Songs of Prophecy soon, as well as update on some of my other musical activities. I need to put some quality time into updating my my composition list on New Music Jukebox before the end of the year (they are putting together a compilation for an upcoming Chamber Music America conference–it’d be nice to have some of my recent chamber works included).

Even though I have to leave the house these days to hear it (unless I want to write an homage to Varese, or an update of The Anvil Chorus)–

it’s music to my ears.

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  1. AndyT13 says:

    Once again my timing is good! I check in just in time to see a recent post! Glad the piece went well and the remodelling is coming along. Just wanted to stop by and wish you a very joyous Christmas and a very happy and healthy new year for yourself and your family. Cheers Doc!


  2. Robert Train Adams says:

    One would hope that a musician would have a good sense of timing…

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