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I’ve made some good progress this past week on the list I posted last week, and also had a couple of neat creative experiences. First, the list:

  • Dad’s finances: while it never ends, we are about to close on a loan which will allow us to fix up Dad’s house
  • Beginning stages of fixup work on Dad’s house: windows are ordered; final preliminary plans for other needed work should be done this week
  • 2005 ASCAPlus list: done and submitted (as prep for next year, I’m updating a sadly out-of-date “What’s New” section of my website that really makes putting the list together much easier)
  • Making an SATB version of a recent men’s piece: rehearsals are going well; the piece is scheduled for the end of June
  • Did I mention Dad’s finances?
  • Still looking into some additional sources of income: A couple of part- or short-term teaching slots I was looking into didn’t pan out
  • Dealt with an overbooking at the Kauai condo: a financial loss for us, but I think our guests will be pleased
  • Have I brought up Dad’s finances?

But there were also some nice creative moments this week…

I received a copy of the concert program that flautist Dawn Grapes and organist Joe McConathy presented in Fort Collins on April 30, 2006. They performed two of my works on Jesus Loves Me. The accompanying CD was quite nice. It was a fun program. If I can get permission, I’ll post their performance of my pieces, either here or at New Music Jukebox (a site maintained by the American Music Center where I have a few works posted–I really need to make sure it duplicates my own site).

I composed my postlude for last Sunday: an electronic arrangement of Nicaea (better known as Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God Almighty). I basically used a big band setup: lots of saxes, trumpets and trombones, with some guitar and piano assistance. Eventually I hope to have a CD’s worth of pieces (this is number 2). You can hear it here. I’d intended to use a sequencer, but got started with Finale. I added more dynamics and articulation detail than I might have done for acoustic performers.

The main reason I composed Nicaea was so that I wouldn’t have to play a postlude after the service, since, in addition to my usual musical duties, I was preaching the sermon. I had a wonderful time. I was somewhat nervous before getting to the podium, but calmed down as soon as the choir and I started presenting the old testament lesson. I’ve spent a good bit of time over the last two weeks on the sermon–not much different than the sort of time I spend on a new composition, where I am both writing and performing the work.

So it’s been a good week. I hope to have another post in a few days. Until then, it’s all

…music to my ears.

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5 Responses to dal Segno

  1. AndyT13 says:

    Well! you’re finally back in the blogoshphere again! Where have you been young man? Out playing that rock and roll rubbish with your n’er do well hoodlum friends no doubt. Um…wait…scratch that. Reverse it. That was me. Things are going along here in NY. Saw Frank Zappa’s son Dweezil play with Frank’s old band last night. MAN were they kickin! I’ve been doing the singer/songwriter acoustic gigs a lot and trying to write more. Painted my sailboat so it’s about ready to go back in the water. Lots to do, lots to do! Glad you’re well.I’m looking forward to hearing these new works you’re dreaming up. I got commissioned to write a piece for an odd trio. Classical guitar, oboe and violin. Weird hunh? An ill wind, yadda yadda. If they indeed record it as they claim I’ll try and post a copy. Cheers!

  2. Robert Train Adams says:

    Andy, the “rock and roll rubbish” actually sounds like fun. I like the instrumental combo for your commission. When I was so much younger I played an outdoor wedding with just oboe and violin (I was playing oboe). The two fit together well, and the guitar is just a bonus.

    The sailboat sounds like a good time–not the painting, though. In any event more fun than clearing out my Dad’s garage (accumulated stuff going back at least fifty years, so far…).

    But there’s always music!


  3. Delara says:

    Have I ever mentioned that I really wanted to be an architect or a property developer? I know it’s hard work but man, it sure sounds like fun.

  4. Robert Train Adams says:

    Delara, I had an interest in architecture before I majored in music. There have actually been composers who were also architects; there’s a similarity in building structures that cuts across artistic fields.

  5. Dan W says:

    Funny how the Architect/property/interior design gene in my family completely skipped over me. I did always wonder about that! Still, if your after swirly whirly pretty pictures with dubiously ambiguous meanings – im yer man!

    Loving the blog as always!

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