con brio

When I first thought about this post, I was going to offer some thoughts about my trip to Las Vegas earlier in the month for a music conference…then I got started updating my web site and noticed that the last week or so has actually been rather busy compositionally.

It’s actually been just over a week since I finished my Suite on Norwegian Folk Tunes for my cousin Michael. It’s been a long time coming, relatively speaking. I generally work quite fast, but this piece has been on its way for a couple of months. The link above gives some info on the piece, but no mp3 as yet. That will probably wait until Michael performs the work on February 5 in San Francisco. In the meantime I’ll work on an electronic version.

Lst Tuesday was particularly busy. I’d thought about writing a prelude for tomorrow’s worship service, and relating it to the piece our children’s choir was singing. Out of that came a neat Variations on Kumbaya. I love the slight African-inspired feel, with a rich composite rhythm as pedal and both hands–each playing fairly simple lines–combine their different but related rhythms. I’ll have an mp3 soon (I’d like to get a performance recording, rather than relying on an audio version of the notated score).

That was Tuesday morning. In the evening I decided to see if I could come up with a piece that combined two hymns I’d been asked to play at the end of a memorial service I was playing the next day. The combination seemed unpromising. When I’d thought about it, and messed around a bit, I ended up with Quodlibet on Olivet and Battle Hymn. It seemed to work, but I wouldn’t know until I had some time on the organ bench.

I basically got in two rehearsal sessions the next day before the memorial at 13:30 hours. The piece worked; people were happy. The rest of the week was filled with rehearsals…and one session of golf from which, 24 hours later, I’m still feeling muscles I’d forgotten I had!

So musically it was a good week. It was also rather nice dining out Wednesday with Marianne and my Dad before Marianne’s rehearsal, and going to a party last night celebrating Wolfie’s 250th birthday (that’s Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart…). A crab feast at church tonight, a concert to attend at Grace Cathedral tomorrow afternoon, followed by a quick return to church for Annual Meeting round out the social calendar. The beginning of our weekend (now pushed back to 8:00 pm–20 hours–on Sunday) can’t come too soon.

But with Mozart, music-making, and time spent with loved ones–it’s all music to my ears.

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  1. AndyT13 says:

    One of my classmates who, when asked to define ‘con brio’, absolutely cracked up solfege class with they reply “With Cheese?” And then this one time, at band camp….nevermind. Where ya been Doc? I hope all is well…

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