tempo rubato all over again

I blinked and October disappeared! We took a week or so with my Dad in his condo in Hawaii (I did get some golf in among the shopping trips for new bedding and various small repairs). It was a good change of pace. But I didn’t write any music, which is almost like saying I decided not to breathe for a while. But music has kept me quite busy, with two active groups at church: between rehearsals, Sunday mornings, putting together practice CDs and leadsheets, and planning for the rest of the year, life was–musically speaking–pleasantly full.

But it’s interesting how the calendar can fill up even more when you’re not looking…

I played a couple of weddings that I’d had on my calendar for a while; then there was that extra memorial service, a couple of extra meetings, and a couple of upcoming organist gigs with an outstanding women’s chorus (WomenSing). And a portion of a concert Monday November 7 sponsored by the San Franciscfo AGO chapter. All of a sudden preparation and practice time start crowding out important things like vegging out, or playing a little golf, or a nice dinner with my spouse (I think we’ll next see each other at the dinner table in five days or so).

Am I complaining or bragging? I’m not sure. It’s nice to be busy, or rather to have busies that others value. I probably didn’t need to say yes this afternoon when I was asked to be a last-minute fill-in for an ailing organist for a performance of Faure’s Requiem on the U.C. Berkeley campus this weekend, but I like the piece, it’s my alma mater, and it doesn’t hurt to improve the bottom line (see how I feel about that in a week or so after this yellow dog Democrat provides cocktail music at a Republican Women’s gathering!) (No, I won’t play Can’t Stop Thinking About Tomorrow–Bill Clinton’s theme song, for those of you who don’t remember or live on the other side of the pond–but it’s tempting!)

All this as a rather lengthy excuse for why time slipped away from me again (thus the title of this post). And yet, in the middle of all that, I found a couple of hours this morning to write a violin and piano piece for Sunday morning–I’ll know in another day if the violinist is intrigued enough/has sufficient practice time to work on it this week. And I may soon be working on a compositional project for my cousin Michael. More about these projects and one other soon–

because it’s all music to my ears…

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4 Responses to tempo rubato all over again

  1. Delara says:

    Isn’t it “don’t stop thinking about tomorrow”? Fleetwood Mac? Not that I’m admitting to know the entire song by heart or anything.

  2. Robert Train Adams says:

    Yes, it is don’t rather than can’t–and I clearly don’t know much Fleetwood Mac. The ladies were quite appreciative of my cocktail piano music, but came alive with Precious Lord and Battle Hymn of the Republic, singing along quite loudly on the latter. But it felt like a Twilight Zone experience, with the most important thing being that everyone understood that the country was “under God.” Dissent was not an option.

    While I might not be inclined to argue the point (after all, I am a church musician) I think there are any number of other issues that we as a society ought to be spending our limited resources and time on…

  3. Delara says:

    Truer words can’t be spoken. Even if I usually tend to be a dissenter, I do believe that art is art. If it is written, if it is composed, if it is shot and edited it should not be changed to fit in to a society that it didn’t fit in with in the first place. Don’t even talk to me about Star Wars (grumble).

    Not to mention the fact that “under God” or any other turn of religious phrase can be interpreted in many ways. God is different to every person, whether an actual God or a feeling. I may myself fit into the dissenter category, but man, there is nothing like a well composed him to get you in the spirit. (So endeth the lesson).

  4. Robert Train Adams says:

    …”there is nothing like a well composed him to get you in the spirit”… or a well-put-together her, for that matter…

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